Essentials of Leadership

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350,000 Ugx

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Goals and Objectives of the Course

The overall goals for the mastermind essentials are:

  • Assess paradigms and adopt paradigms of effectiveness. The group will learn to appreciate that often there is more than one way to look at any issue and also to deal with any bottlenecks.
  • To take the participant`s leadership, influence and character to the next level. Mastermind members will grow to new heights in their understanding of leadership and management.
  • To lead teams towards developing habits and principles that will be effective and lasting change.¬† Participants are encouraged to engage each other as this will help them appreciate and understand team dynamics and so become more efficient and effective.
  • To help build the team members confidence. Confident employees are more likely to try new behaviors and approaches, which breeds innovativeness and creativity leading to lasting success.

Content Areas (Modules)

  • Mastering proactivity
  • Personal Management
  • Developing a winning team
  • Communication in Leadership
  • Leaving a lasting legacy

Target Group

Suitable for persons in leadership positions or aspiring to become a leader/manager


Course Duration

6 weeks.
The class will meet once a week for two hours.

Certificate Award

An International Health Sciences Certificate of Participation is awarded to a participant who successfully completes the course.

Course Facilitator

Stirling Gapara

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