Health Financing and Health Insurance

Advanced Certificate in Health Financing and Health Insurance

In this course, the students will learn the principles and set up of health financing and other health systems building blocks; principles and practices of health insurance, be able to assess and analyse the health care financing systems, bring about improved health service delivery in health units, efficient utilization of resources and ultimately contribute to improvement in the health of the people and universal health coverage.

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Course Fees

1,000,000 Ugx


Course aims

The aim of this course is to equip students with knowledge, skills and positive attitudes in health financing and insurance services.


Learning outcomes

By the end of the course the student should be able to:

  1. Describe the key principles of health financing and other health systems building blocks
  2. Describe the key principles of health insurance
  3. Describe the nature and operations of health insurance industry as applied to the topic  of health services.                 


Teaching and learning pattern/course methodology

  • Teaching will be by:
  • Self-study (self-tests, assignments, assessments)
  • Case study
  • Seminars
  • Lectures
  • Field attachment
  • Tutorial sessions and practical sessions including site visits. Participatory learning methods shall be used. 



Bachelor’s degree in health related discipline and social sciences or equivalents.  Applicants with a National Diploma and relevant working experience may be considered. Prior working experience/knowledge of operational framework in health services or insurance industry is a must.


Indicative content

This is a four months program, divided into two parts: The first part shall be  two months delivered through classroom/distance learning  and two months of attachment/case report writing.  


Part I: Health Services and Financing  (Teaching hours: 30 hours)


Part II: Health Economics and Health Insurance (30 hours)


Part III: Foundations of insurance (60 hours)


Part IV: Operations and Types of Health Insurance  (120 hours) 


Field Attachment and report writing (240 Hours)

Course Duration

Certificate Award

Advanced Certificate in Health Financing and Insurance - ACHFI of International Health Sciences University (IHSU). 

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