Leadership: The Executive Nurse Leader

The Executive Nurse Leader - Introduction

Now and future nurses in leadership must begin to see policy as something they can shape and develop rather than something that happens to them.  The current leadership context establishes multiple opportunities for nurses in leadership to define what leadership skills are needed to manage now as well as in the changing future.  Nurses in leadership need to position themselves as “Thoughtful Strategists”—those who are informed decision makers and whose independent actions are based on education, evidence, and experience (FON, 2016), rather than the prevailing held view of just “Functional doer”—those who carry out the instructions of others. The objectives of this course are: Understanding the context of care and leadership; Understand the integrated roles of leadership and management; Identify structures to promote Nursing Leadership to the Board Room; and to Identify key strategies designed to prepare nurses to lead change from the Bedside to the Board Room; Understand key principles of the executive role (Enhance Strategic thinking, Essential Financial Skills, Resource Management etc.).



Course Fees

400,000 Ugx

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Each module will have short individual exercises including the initiation of a leadership diary, group discussion, introspective and reflective    thinking, and the use of current leadership best practices to challenge status quo, as well personal profile evaluation and case studies.   Power point presentations will be the major mode of lecture transmission.

Modules (Content Areas)

The Context of Leadership: Understand Shifts in Practice, Technology and the Business of healthcare


The Nurse as an Executive Leader


Leading and Managing: Policy and Politics


Leadership tools and Strategies for the 21st Century

Target Group

The course is targeted to nursing professionals currently in leadership positions including: Chief Nursing Officers (CNO); Head of Nursing Departments (HOD); Senior Nursing Officers (SNO); Area Managers; Team Leaders, Unit or Charge Nurses, or Nurses in Leadership for more than 5 years.

Course duration

Weekend Option

Six weeks on consecutive Saturdays from
9.00 am - 12.00 pm

Regular option

Five Days
9.00 am - 1.00 pm

Certificate Award

An International Health Sciences Certificate of Participation is awarded to a participant who successfully completes the course.

Course Facilitator

Dr. Rose Clarke Nanyonga

Dr. Rose Clarke Nanyonga is the current Ag. Vice Chancellor at International Health Sciences University; Faculty Lecturer (Health Policy and Planning—Remote Learning); and a Jonas Scholar, Yale School of Nursing.  Dr. Nanyonga has a BSN from Arkansas Tech University (2002), a MSN from Baylor University (2005), a Graduate Certificate of Concentration in Global Health from the Whitney and Betty McMillan Center for International Studies at Yale University (2015), and a PhD from Yale University (Health Policy, Nursing, 2015).

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