Comprehensive HIV Care & Management

Comprehensive HIV /AIDS care & Management - Course Objective

To raise an effective and professional workforce on HIV and AIDS issues through knowledge, training  and skills impartation as well as to increase employability of the participants by the additional training and skills attained. The course also seeks to offer hands-on skills for HIV and AIDS Management necessary for personal and family levels.

Course Fees

350,000 Ugx

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Teaching and Learning  Experiences

The course uses principles of reflective thinking and problem-based learning applying participatory teaching and learning approaches. They include improved lectures, small group discussions, case studies. Power point presentations will be the major mode of lecture transmission

Enabling Objectives

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:-

  • Explain HIV and AIDS myths and facts.

  • Describe current HIV and AIDS trends and future projections.

  • Describe HIV Transmission and Pathology:  Progression of HIV-Effects of HIV on the Immune System.

  • Outline HIV Prevention strategies and Models.

  • Discuss HIV and Social issues (Religious and Cultural traditions)

  • Discuss HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT)

  • Outline HIV Positive Living and Psycho-social Support systems and strategies.

  • Discuss HIV Counseling and management in special circumstances e.g. Substance Addicts

  • Describe HIV Counseling in relation to Positive Prevention.

  • Discuss HIV and AIDS Management Policy issues.

  • Discuss ART and Adherence issues.

  • Describe  HCT Services Management.

  • Explain Counseling Practicum.

Target Group

The course targets health care providers including registered nurses, medical practitioners, laboratory   technicians, social workers including teachers, community development persons, and nutritionists.

Course duration

5 weekends

6.00 pm -9.00pm

9.00 am - 4.00 pm

Time allocation for theory is balanced with practical aspects of the course.

Certificate Award

An International Health Sciences Certificate of Participation is awarded to a participant who successfully completes the course.

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