Healthcare Monitoring & Evaluation

Healthcare Monitoring & Evaluation - Course Objective

To provide knowledge, hands on skills and experience to participants in the different concepts, and principles in M&E, conducting a baseline survey in M&E, steps involved in designing M&E systems,  using a logical frame work to conduct M&E, developing M&E frameworks and plans, participatory  M&E,  developing M&E tools, techniques for M&E data collection and analysis, writing M&E reports,  communicating and disseminating M&E findings, using M&E to develop performance indicators,    track  and measure organization performance, identify performance gaps and do collective action.

Course Fees

350,000 Ugx

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Teaching and learning experience

The course uses principles of reflective thinking and problem-based learning applying participatory  teaching and learning approaches. They include improved lectures, small group discussions, case  studies. Power point presentations will be the major mode of lecture transmission.

Enabling objectives

By the end of this program, participants should be able to:-

  • Discuss concepts, dimensions and perspectives of M&E.

  • Examine the process involved in conducting a baseline survey.

  • Explain steps, approaches and their application in M&E.

  • Discuss the techniques used in participatory  approaches.

  • Illustrate how to develop M&E matrix, frame work and plan.

  • Describe the techniques used in data collection and analysis.

  • Write M&E report.

  • Discuss the various channels of communicating and disseminating M&E findings.

  • Provide rationale for using M&E to develop perform indicators.

  • Identify various strategies for undertaking M&E corrective action.

Target group

The course targets Project officers, managers, students and professional evaluators/ consultants charged with the responsibility of M&E of projects.

Course duration

5 weekends

6.00 pm -9.00pm

9.00 am - 4.00 pm

Time allocation for theory is balanced with practical aspects of the course.

Certificate Award

An International Health Sciences Certificate of Participation is awarded to a participant who successfully completes the course.

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